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Our Solutions

Fleet Risk Solutions

Over one-third of the 27M commercial vehicles in the United States have invested in connectivity solutions (telematics, ELD, cameras) and over 80% of those vehicles are reachable through The DDN. Each one of those 27M vehicles is protected by commercial auto insurance.

Leading insurance carriers and MGAs are now using The DDN to offer telematics-enabled insurance solutions to their policyholders. Click here to learn more.

Fleet Safety Solutions

Nearly 10,000 commercial fleets and nearly 500,000 drivers each day rely on safety services enabled by The DDN. Click here to learn more.

Telematics Partnerships

Partnership is at the core of The DDN’s relationship with vehicle connectivity providers (telematics, ELD, camera). The DDN enables connectivity providers to deliver more value to their fleet clients, generate incremental revenue and improve retention.

Analytics Partnerships

The permissions-based data sharing capabilities of The DDN are leveraged by third-party solution providers to develop custom data solutions for their fleet clients.

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